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We fix both minor and major damage, including scratches, chips, spider cracks or “crazing,” osmotic blistering, delaminations, and color fading or “chalking.” We also provide expert structural repairs to impact-damaged boats, and we replace floors, swim platforms, transoms and stringers.  And, to keep your boat looking beautiful season after season, we offer complete boat detail service, including color sanding and buffing to restore your boat’s original shine.


  • Minor to major gelcoat and fiberglass repairs

  • Complex repairs, complete refits and restorations

  • Yearly servicing and full maintenance

  • Sandblasting & bottom-painting services

  • Gauges, instruments and controls

  • Hull repairs

  • Shift & prop repairs

  • Boat-trailer repairs


Over the years, we’ve seen (and fixed) it all –  Damage from groundings and collisions, rotting wooden hulls, and every imaginable mechanical problem. The most common problems involve boat finishes, so our highly-experienced marine finishing team cleans, restores and polishes dull, sun-damaged gelcoats into shiny, like-new surfaces for many boat owners throughout Macomb County and surrounding areas.

That's Minor Marine also repairs and replaces seating, storage units, swim platforms, stringers, transoms and flooring. And, we upholster, carpet and trim our customers’ boats using top-quality materials that will last through many seasons of exposure to the elements. Over the years, we’ve seen and used a wide range of materials for these repairs; we’ll explain all the available options, so you can make the best choices for your own boating needs.

boat seat repair, upholstery
fiberglass boat repair
Fiberglass hull damage repair


That's Minor Customs Marine Repair is Macomb County's leading provider of boat service and repairs. We specialize in repairing damaged gel-coat and fiberglass surfaces; our expert marine technicians can restore boat finishes to like-new condition.

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